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ExO Mandrake
THE Premier Competitive BTB Halo Clan
Sep 14, 2014
ExO Mandrake
Don't struggle, it will all be over soon.
Sep 13, 2014
COACH E 1980
Upside down highjack sent the guy flyin
Aug 15, 2014
The Buddy system.....U owe me selboy
Jul 22, 2014
COACH E 1980
Doctor Who tank blasts a high jetpacker from far away. Nice work Doctor Who.
May 21, 2014
ExO Mandrake
Wraith vs Banshee. No, you did NOT shoot that green shit at me!!!
Feb 10, 2014
COACH E 1980
Be careful if you try to kill coach with rockets.
Feb 06, 2014
Weapon of the week Rocket launcher
Sep 03, 2013
ExO Mandrake
Triple kill with 1 rocket, BTIS Exile.
Aug 26, 2013