ExO Delta Gaming

THE Premier Competitive Halo BTB Clan

ExO Delta Code of Conduct

All members in the clan are to be treated with respect, especially High Command members. Regardless of the various adverse situations, conflicts, or disagreements that may be encountered, ExO members are to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. The XBOX is a virtual world, the only real things individuals have in this virtual world is a voice and a brain, and at times players are using too much of one and not enough of the other. A good rule to follow: Treat others how you would want to be treated.

Do NOT do the following

  • Do NOT engage in or support discrimination, racism, harassment, or sexual harassment by or towards any player or member of ExO Delta.
  • Do NOT scream, yell, shout obscenities or offensive language, threaten, provoke, stalk members or other players, or encourage others to do so.
  • Do NOT impersonate, harass, mock, or defame ExO members, or especially High Command members.
  • Do NOT engage in conversations during in game combat that is not related to call outs or weapon/vehicle spawning.
  • Do NOT engage in trash talking the other team players while in pre or post game lobby.
  • Do NOT intentionally Yoink.
  • Do NOT intentionally betray ExO members.
  • Do NOT t-bag ExO members or members of other clans.
  • Do NOT include inappropriate or offensive information in your XBL profile.
  • Do NOT give out personal information of/to other players.
  • Do NOT cheat, modify or engage in other methods of manipulating or circumventing the game or console system.
  • Do NOT use the forums, chats, or XBL messaging for any commercial purpose. You may only create an account for yourself as an individual.
  • Do NOT engage in unwelcomed, inappropriate, non game related conversations in the pre-game lobby.

Consequences of Violations

Depending upon the severity of a violation, ExO Delta may impose up to but not limited to the following actions:

  • Verbal warning.
  • Demotion.
  • Removal from Clan, and again depending on the severity, Black Listed.
ExO Delta reserves the right to remove a member from the clan at any time.