ExO Delta Gaming

THE Premier Competitive Halo BTB Clan

ExO Rules, Policies and Guidelines

ExO clan meetings are held every Tuesday night at 9pm ET. High Command members are required to attend, Delta & Veteran Members may attend if there is room, first come first served.

  • All Members are to be treated with respect.
  • All Members MUST have a working mic.
  • All High Command Officers need to be on your XBL Friends List.
  • Members are required to have 60% of clan members on their Friends List.
  • Members must be in uniform Monday-Friday. Members are allowed to slip out of uniform by changing emblems and colors on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • 80/20 Rule: 80% of your Halo games should be with the clan, 20% with your other friends.
  • 14 day inactivity rule. If you are going to be away for an extended period of 14 days or more, please message everyone in the clan that you will be away. Notify ICS, General, Chief of Staff with your reason.
  • No cheating, no boosting, no lag switch or other methods of manipulating or circumventing their console system or game.
  • No farming or statting on the opposing team. Do not hold objective to extend the game for personal initiatives. This can reflect poorly on the clan. Avoid teams and player who favor these negative agendas.
  • Do not quit out of games with ExO members.
  • A member may use only 1 gamer tag for the clan.
  • Do not play 8v8 matchmaking BTB or 8v8 BTB custom games with other clans. It’s ok to play any non 8v8s and customs with other clans.
  • Do not play games with players on the Black List. It is permitted to join Black Listed players if you show Off Line.
  • Do not Yoink, avoid if possible.
  • Do not betray members, avoid if possible.
  • Do not t-bag unless you are t-bagged first. Do not t-bag other clan members. Do not t-bag during clan matches.
  • Staff Sergeants run parties. If no staff sergeant is present, it is customary to give party lead to highest ranking clan member.
  • Disruptive conflicts or incidents, or disrespect among members or players are to be reported to one of the ICS Officers listed on our Chain of Command page.
  • Should someone else play Halo on your account, inform them in advance to show offline.
  • As a courtesy, when speaking to someone other than those in the party chat (phone call, someone in your home, etc.), mute your mic.
  • Do not let party invites go unanswered. If you have reason not to join, please have to courtesy to reply.

ExO Rule Violation Strike System

  • Strikes will be issued at the sole discretion of the ICS team, subject to approval to the Head of ICS.
  • No other departments or HiCmd personel will have the authorization to issue strikes.
  • Each strike issued will have a set start and end date. The duration of the strikes will increase with each one issued.
  • First strike lasts one month, second lasts three months, and each strike following that will last six months. After six months without a strike, this increasing duration will be reset, allowing the member to receive single or three month strikes again. This must be clearly specified to the member in question when a strike is given. It must be clearly logged in the website as well.
  • Each member will have a permanent log of all strikes issued, regardless of strike expiration status.
  • Probations and demotions do not necessarily have to coincide with the expiration periods of strikes. They can end before or after strikes expire.
  • The terms of probations are subject to the nature and severity of the strikes issued and are at the discretion of ICS.
  • Examples of proabtion effects can include, but are not limited to, benching from scrims and matches, the inability to wear personal emblems on the weekends, and continual monitoring from ICS. A member in probation is expected to be under perfect behavior during the duration of the probation.
  • Readmission to the clan after a removal due to strikes is subject to a vote from High Command. The strike record of the removed individual will be consulted before the vote is performed.
  • Strikes recieved from ICS may be debated in High Command if the member that recieved the strike believes they have been treated unfairly. The Commander in Chief has the final say on whether or not a strike may be lifted, but not when one is issued.
  • ICS will be kept in check by the Commander in Chief, General, and Chief of Staff to ensure there is no abuse of power.

Team Members:
Team Members are removed after three concurrent strikes. The first strike is a warning, no further disciplinary action warranted. The second strike is a probation. The third strike is immediate removal from ExO Delta Gaming.

Delta Members or Veterans:
Delta or Veteran members are removed after four concurrent strikes. The first two strikes are warnings, no further disciplinary actions warranted. The third strike is a probation and demotion to member rank. The fourth strike is immediate removal from ExO Delta Gaming.

High Command:
High command members are removed from their High Command positions after three concurrent strikes, and are removed from ExO Delta Gaming after a further two concurrent strikes (five in total). The first two strikes are warnings, no further disciplinary actions warranted. The third strike is demotion to Veteran or Delta member. The fourth strike is probation and demotion to Member. The fifth strike is immediate removal from ExO Delta Gaming.

Security Lists

ExO members need to login to view the Black List and White List.