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About ExO Delta 1v1 Spring Tournament 2018

ExO Delta Gaming will be holding a Halo 5, 16 player, double elimination, 1v1 Tournament for members of the clan beginning Monday, March 19, 2018. Those who are going to compete in this tourney, need to become familiar with the details.

Tournament Dates

Scheduled from Monday, March 19 thru March 24. End date or final matches are subject to change. Follow the online Bracket for all the scheduled dates and times.
The bracket will be activated and viewable when all 16 players are signed up. The following list of players are signed up.

Total: 16
Gamertag KD
Avg Kills
per Game
Archangel990 2.7589 3.6628 50.78% 88.49% 18.24 7.997 1
maliciousmike24 2.5395 3.5730 42.67% 85.14% 15.07 7.541 2
BTB Bill 2.5997 3.3957 44.34% 85.38% 17.59 7.469 3
ExO BIGG 2.0259 2.9207 40.57% 81.6% 15.65 6.325 4
iSpartan119 1.9892 2.6392 53.11% 86.08% 16.31 6.183 5
Karnivool 1.83 2.6596 49% 86.18% 14.83 5.99 6
ExO Seraphim 1.9096 2.5191 45.57% 85.23% 15.25 5.889 7
McGNARLYY 1.7764 2.6491 43.98% 82.46% 13.28 5.823 8
Just A Person 1.9196 2.5083 42.56% 79.55% 15.72 5.806 9
XxIInF4m0u5xX 1.8206 2.4552 43.11% 82.88% 14.27 5.678 10
Active IRaptor 1.5004 2.0425 46.11% 86.84% 14.68 5.019 11
ExO Mandrake 1.363 2.2470 38.86% 80.14% 11.26 4.913 12
Papi Neva 1.3747 1.8727 48.34% 81.4% 14.87 4.694 13
JC n Tennessee 1.275 2.0317 31.41% 81.67% 9.94 4.537 14
VwS Executioner 1.2764 1.8251 45.48% 78.42% 14.13 4.482 15
A LAZY SKI BUM 1.1383 1.7724 35.91% 80.09% 11.16 4.182 16


  • 1st Place options
    • ExO branded T-shirt thru Hype Clothing
    • OR 6 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (digital code).
    • OR $40 Microsoft Gift Card (digital code).
  • 2nd Place options
    • 3 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (digital code)
    • OR $25 Microsoft Gift Card (digital code).
  • 3rd Place options
    • $10 Microsoft Gift Card (digital code).
    • OR 1 Month XBox Live Gold Membership (digital code).
    • OR 1 of the following Req Packs: Envyus, Splyce, Str8 Rippin
    • OR 1 Month Xbox Live Game Pass.

Tournament Details

  • 16 player, double elimination. Winners bracket Final vs Losers Bracket Final will be a Best of 3 series.
  • We will include non clan members if short ExO players. Remaining spots open to the Halo community.
  • Games for each round will be held each day of the week starting on Monday.
  • The map Drake 1v1 v .2 and gametype Tourney Slayer 1v1 can be found in the fileshare of ExO Mandrake. Details below.

Match Scheduling

  • Rounds/Games beginning on Monday and are scheduled for every day of the week.
  • Dates and times on the bracket are not set in stone. We understand that everyone has different schedules they keep. We want to be flexible, however participants need to make a concerted effort to schedule their match and cooperate with availability. DO NOT just go online to look and wait for your opponent to show up online. SCHEDULE your match.
  • The listed date and time on the bracket is a starting point. If competitors are unable to meet at the scheduled time, they must have their match rescheduled before the listed date/time. The rescheduled date/time can occur after the original listed date/time. Just don’t make it a week after.
  • Inform Mandrake of any schedule changes.
  • Blue Team will host. Blue team will need to have the map and gametype selected and ready to start at the scheduled time. Lobby needs to be set to invite only. Competitors will need to switch to Game Chat when game starts.

Map Details

  • Map: Drake 1v1 v .2
  • Power Weapons: Rocket Launcher (180s, pad), Plasma Caster (180s, pad).
  • Other Weapons: Plasma pistol, Recon DMR, Halo 2 BR, x2 Standard BR, x2 Frag nade, x2 Plasma nade, x2 Splinter nade.
  • Power Ups: Overshield (120s).

Gametype Details

  • Gametype: ExO Tourney 1v1
  • Score to win: 15
  • Time Limit: unlimited
  • Motion sensor: off
  • Primary Weapon: Standard Battle Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle
  • Reasons for no timelimit: Reduce amount of campy gameplay. If someone has a small lead with 1 minute left in the game could just hide.

Bracket Seeding

Players will be entered into the bracket system using a formula to create a seeding value. The formula crafted for seeding is based on the following skilled attributes: KD, KDA, average kills per game, shot accuracy, and headshot accuracy. The data will be pulled from Arena which includes a lot of playlists such as BTB, SWAT, Team Arena, etc. Add these attributes together and it will produce a skill value. Sort it from highest to lowest of all 16 player to get a seed of 1-16.

Highest ranked player will always be Red team, lowest seed will be Blue Team.

Ground Rules for Competitors

  • Let's state the obvious, No Cheating. No modded controllers, no modded consoles, and no circumventing the online Halo game system to acquire and advantage over your opponent.
  • No t-bagging, be respectful to your opponent, and be a good sport.
  • No Shows: Show up on time for your match or a forfeit may be imposed. If no attempt was made to reschdule the match, a forfeit can be imposed.

Ground Rules for Observers

  • If in party chat, do not intefere or distract the in-game combatants. Keep it quiet.