ExO Delta Gaming

THE Premier Competitive Halo BTB Clan

ExO Delta's 8v8 Big Team Battle Terms

ExO Delta will compete in 8v8 BTB games utilizing maps and game types found in the current Halo 5 BTB playlist. Contact us to get started with scheduling a clan match or scrim. ExO does not participate in clan wars or raids.

Team representatives need to meet several days ahead of scheduled match to go over terms, format and address any questions.

  • Clan Match: All participating players must be listed as a member on their representing Spartan Company on Halo Waypoint. No alternate or smurf gamertags permitted. The same applys to substituting players.
  • Establish the nunber of games to play in the series: Best of 3? Best of 5?
  • Team size: 8v8. No 7v7. If short a player, it can be rescheduled.
  • Maps & gametypes must be from the current official Halo 5 BTB Playlist (see below for listing).
  • Ensure someone from each team has access to all maps and gametypes. All maps can be found in the Bookmarks of Genesis Rider
  • No repeat of map selection.
  • Optional to decide on map & gametype choices before the match or at time of match.
  • If a team suggests a map or game type (or modified map or game type) not found in the above voting options, it must be agreed upon a week in advance of scheduled match.
  • If a team proposes to alter or modify a game type, such as altering a time limit, must be agreed upon and shared 3 days in advance.

Beginning the match

Each team may select 1 map to be removed from the selection pool.

The challenging clan will need to select one of the following options:

» Option A: Select map and game type for the opening round.


» Option B: Select the team color (Red or Blue) for the entire series of games.

ExO will get the remaining option.

Best of 3 or Best of 5 match

Each team will take turns making their map and game type selection for each round. If teams reach the deciding and final game (tied 1-1 or tied 2-2), the opposing team will have the option to select EITHER map OR game type leaving ExO with the remaining selection.

Map & gametype selection for matches/scrims

  • Altar: Big Team Slayer
  • Ancestor: Big Team CTF, Big Team Slayer
  • Boulevard: Big Team Slayer, Big Team Strongholds
  • Deadlock: Big Team Assault, Big Team CTF
  • Dispelled: Big Team Assault, Big Team CTF, Big Team Slayer
  • Eagle Square: Big Team Assault, Big Team CTF, Big Team Slayer
  • Echoes: Big Team Assault, Big Team CTF
  • Entombed: Big Team Slayer, Big Team Strongholds
  • Fracture: Big Team Assault, Big Team CTF
  • Guillotine: Big Team Slayer
  • Port Authority: Big Team Slayer
  • Recurve: Big Team CTF, Big Team Strongholds
  • Risen: Big Team Slayer, Big Team Strongholds
  • Scavenger: Big Team Slayer, Big Team Strongholds
  • Traffic Jam: Big Team Assault, Big Team CTF
  • Viking: Big Team Assault, Big Team CTF

Antifreeze, Basin, Estuary, and Unearthed are not part of the above selection pool.

Questions & Answers

Both teams need to come to an agreement as to how to handle the following situations:
  • How much time allowed to strategize between rounds?
  • What if someone lags out?
  • Allow substitutions in between rounds? How many?

Network & Game Performace Check List

As a courtesy, ExO assembled a check-list of items to review to better provide a smooth and trouble-free gaming experience.

  • Ensure peripheral devices are charged: controller, headset, etc.
  • Ensure home network is clear of any unnecessary internet usage.
    • Turn off all non essential devices in the home that may use the internet.
    • Ensure any and all computers are not utilizing the internet for live stream services (Netflix, Hulu, etc), live feeds, downloads, uploads, etc.
    • Those with wireless capability, prevent any devices from using the wireless network for live stream services (Netflix, Hulu, etc), live feeds, downloads, uploads, etc.
    • Ensure any live stream services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video is NOT in use on any device including a TV, Smart Phone using Wi-Fi, Blu-ray player, other xbox, or other set-top media box.
    • Prevent the use of on-demand streams on satelite receivers, cable tv, etc.
  • It may be necessary to reset/reboot (power off-on) network router, and/or network switch(if present). Reboot xbox.
  • Diagnostic suggestion: Run an internet speed test on a computer using a web browser: