ExO Delta Gaming

THE Premier Competitive Halo BTB Clan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ExO Delta Gaming?

Exo Delta Gaming is a skill-based Halo Big Team Battle (BTB) clan, currently active in Halo 5. Founded in 2005 by ExO Virus during the period of Halo 2, ExO is a gaming organization, competitive in the latest Halo game. We are committed to playing 8v8 Halo BTB games.

Why should I join ExO Delta?
  • You are competitive in the BTB playlist.
  • You don’t like being matched up with poorly skilled players, uncooperative random players that betray you for a weapon or vehicle, or random players who are not team players.
  • You are looking to be part of a mature and organized team with sound strategies and tactics.
  • You don’t want the immature drama that occurs in other clans or groups.
How do I join?
  1. Contact us to express your interest in joining.
  2. We will have an ExO Recruitment Officer contact you to discuss your interest and arrange a skills assessment (1v1) as well as get you into BTB games with our members.
  3. Meet our activity requirements: 20-30 BTB games a week with our members. Recruit evaluation time: MINIMUM 1 week, MAXIMUM 3 weeks.
  4. If you met our activity requirements, we will discuss the active recruits in our weekly Tuesday meetings. It will come down to a vote by our members.
Who is the leader ExO Delta Gaming?

During October 2012, High Command voted Darth Mandrake as the leader of ExO Delta Gaming. ExO Mandrake originally earned membership in January 2011, and earned the vote of every rank level all the way to the current rank of Commander in Chief.

Prior leadership failed to maintain the costs of the clan website and domain name, thus all clan information was lost and unobtainable. Mandrake rebuilt the current website from scratch and rewrote everything about the clan, such as rules, regulations, policies, procedures, rank descriptions, strategies, tactics, member listing, and so much more.

What is the Black List?

This Black List is a list of players whose attitude, behavior, values and or ethics are incompatible with ExO Delta. These individuals wish to do harm or cause trouble with our members or our organization. ExO Delta members are NOT to associate with those listed.