ExO Delta Gaming

THE Premier Competitive Halo BTB Clan

Twitch: Pro Halo Players

Total: 35
Nick Name Twitch
Full Name Gamertag Team Twitter
Ace Offline Aaron Elam ACE is RlPPlN Org-Less 2 mlgace
APG Offline Bradley Laws aPG Org-Less 1 aPureGangster
bubu dubu Offline Jesse Moeller bubu dubu Org-Less 2 bubudubu
Commonly Offline Hamza Abbaali Commonly FLYS N/A Commonly
Contra Live
Viewers: 1
Game: Fortnite
Cody Szczodrowski ContrA N/A CntrA
Danoxide Offline Dan Terlizzi Danoxide N/A DanoxideFPS
Eco Offline Kevin Smith The Eco Smith Splyce KevinEcoSmith
Falcated Offline Michael Garcia Falcated Elevate Falcated_
Frosty Offline Bradley Bergstrom iTz So Frosty Tox Gaming FrostyBB
Halo Alpha Stream Offline N/A N/A N/A N/A halo
Halo Bravo Stream Offline N/A N/A N/A N/A hcs
Lethul Offline Tony Campbell LethuL Tox Gaming LxthuL
Lunchbox Live
Viewers: 50
Game: Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Jason Brown EG Lunchbox Renegades Lunchbox
Mikwen Offline Austin McCleary Mikwen Org-Less 1 Mikwen
Musa Offline Douglas Musa Str8 Rippin DMusa_
Naded Offline Brett Leonard Naded N/A Naded
Neptune Offline Travis McCloud aPureNeptune Org-Less 1 NNeptuunE
Ogre 2 Live
Viewers: 26
Game: Viscera Cleanup Detail
Tom Ryan The 2gre Reciprocity tomryanogre2
Penguin Offline Zane Hearon Pznguin Org-Less 1 Pznguin
Pistola Offline Justin Deese ZOla x HunterZ Reciprocity Pistola_nV
Renegade Offline Jonathan Willette Renegade JW Splyce Renegade_JW
Royal 2 Offline Mathew Fiorante RoyaI 2 Tox Gaming Royal2
RyaNoob Offline Ryan Geddes RyaNoob Nerds N/A RyaNoobHCS
Sabinater Offline Sabinater Elevate Sabinater_
Saiyan Offline Tommy Wilson SAlY4N Reciprocity SAlY4N
Shooter Offline Ryan Sondhi Severus Shooter N/A RyanSondhi
Shotzzy Offline Anthony Cuevas Shotzzy Splyce Shotzzy
Snakebite Offline Paul Duarte SnakeBiteFPS Tox Gaming SnakeBiteFPS
Snip3down Live
Viewers: 343
Game: Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Eric Wrona Snip3down RECs Reciprocity EDWSnip3down
Spartan Offline Tyler Ganza Elevate Spartan
StelluR Offline Braedon Boettcher SStelluR Splyce TheStelluR
Suspector Offline Ayden Hill Svspector N/A Svspector
Tapping Buttons Offline Josbe Valdez Tapping Buttons N/A TappingButtons
Team Reciprocity Offline N/A N/A Reciprocity TeamReciprocity
TriPPPeY Offline Joey Taylor TriPPPeY Reciprocity TriPPPeY