ExO Delta Gaming

THE Premier Competitive Halo BTB Clan

Twitch: Pro Halo Players

Total: 33
Nick Name Twitch
Full Name Gamertag Team Twitter
Ace Offline Aaron Elam ACE is RlPPlN Org-Less 2 mlgace
APG Offline Bradley Laws aPG Org-Less 1 aPureGangster
bubu dubu Live
Viewers: 61
Game: Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Jesse Moeller bubu dubu Org-Less 2 bubudubu
Commonly Offline Hamza Abbaali Commonly FLYS N/A Commonly
Contra Offline Cody Szczodrowski ContrA N/A CntrA
Danoxide Offline Dan Terlizzi Danoxide N/A DanoxideFPS
Eco Offline Kevin Smith The Eco Smith Splyce KevinEcoSmith
Falcated Offline Michael Garcia Falcated Elevate Falcated_
Frosty Offline Bradley Bergstrom iTz So Frosty Tox Gaming FrostyBB
Halo Alpha Stream Offline N/A N/A N/A N/A halo
Halo Bravo Stream Offline N/A N/A N/A N/A hcs
Lethul Offline Tony Campbell LethuL Tox Gaming LxthuL
Lunchbox Offline Jason Brown EG Lunchbox Renegades Lunchbox
Mikwen Offline Austin McCleary Mikwen Org-Less 1 Mikwen
Naded Offline Brett Leonard Naded N/A Naded
Neptune Offline Travis McCloud aPureNeptune Org-Less 1 NNeptuunE
Ogre 2 Live
Viewers: 38
Game: Destiny 2
Tom Ryan The 2gre Reciprocity tomryanogre2
Penguin Offline Zane Hearon Pznguin Org-Less 1 Pznguin
Pistola Offline Justin Deese ZOla x HunterZ Reciprocity Pistola_nV
Renegade Offline Jonathan Willette Renegade JW Splyce Renegade_JW
Royal 2 Offline Mathew Fiorante RoyaI 2 Tox Gaming Royal2
RyaNoob Offline Ryan Geddes RyaNoob Nerds N/A RyaNoobHCS
Sabinater Offline Sabinater Elevate Sabinater_
Saiyan Offline Tommy Wilson SAlY4N Reciprocity SAlY4N
Shooter Offline Ryan Sondhi Severus Shooter N/A RyanSondhi
Shotzzy Offline Anthony Cuevas Shotzzy Splyce Shotzzy
Snakebite Offline Paul Duarte SnakeBiteFPS Tox Gaming SnakeBiteFPS
Snip3down Offline Eric Wrona Snip3down RECs Reciprocity EDWSnip3down
Spartan Offline Tyler Ganza Elevate Spartan
StelluR Offline Braedon Boettcher SStelluR Splyce TheStelluR
Tapping Buttons Offline Josbe Valdez Tapping Buttons N/A TappingButtons
Team Reciprocity Offline N/A N/A Reciprocity TeamReciprocity
TriPPPeY Offline Joey Taylor TriPPPeY Reciprocity TriPPPeY