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ExO Members, if your name is not listed below and you have a twitch channel, it can be managed in your ExO Profile Settings page, on the Twitch tab.

Gamertag Twitch
aCanadian5toner Offline acanadian5toner
Archangel990 Offline archangel990
BaLis7iK Offline balis7ik
DIBK Offline dibk223
DUDE 420247 Offline dude420247
ExO BIGG Offline exo_bigg
ExO Bill NJ Offline btb_bill
ExO DJSteveo77 Offline djsteveocappas
ExO Polo Offline marcuspoloo
ExO Seraphim Offline xsc0otiex
ExO Swick Offline swick_hype
ExO Viva Offline vivaexo
Genesis Rider Offline genesisrider
iOogway Offline oogwayvids
iSpartan119 Offline ispartan119tv
JC n Tennessee Live
Viewers: 1
Game: Prominence Poker
Papi Neva Offline epiicxtacoz
Reaper WarGhost Offline reaper_warghost
S0MEL0SER Offline someloser