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Genesis Rider

Category: Montage
Sooner or Later - A Chill Halo 4 Montage
I spent over 90 hours on this Halo 4 montage. It was hard work, but ultimately worth it. I would consider this montage rather "chill" compared to many others.
Date added: Oct 23, 2016


Category: Outstanding vehicle performance
Come from behind win with flaming banshee unfrigginbelievable!
Date added: Sep 26, 2015

ExO Mandrake

Category: Montage
About ExO Delta Gaming, from the days of Halo 4 on the XBOX 360, April 2013.
Date added: Jun 04, 2015

ExO Mandrake

Category: Halo Community Videos
H3: Redirect rockets multiple times? H4: Hardlight shield will retract with attached plasma nade? H3: Stick assault bomb with spike nade? H1: See camo player using night vision on Snipe? H3: Elites backflip when highjacking prowler turret?
Date added: Mar 06, 2015

ExO Mandrake

Category: Halo Community Videos
H1: Landing on an overshield will protect u from fall damage? H3: crash a peli with a nade? H2A: snapshot without the kill? H4: Flood claw clash with sword? H3: Launch flag with fusion coil?
Date added: Mar 06, 2015

ExO DeathAngel

Category: Home Page
I deathxangel I montage. my first one. what do you guys think?
Date added: May 08, 2014