NAT and other connectivity issues.

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NAT and other connectivity issues.

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1) Well, thought I found a 'Host Check Map' but link went to no where. (not for checking who has host, but for checking latency within party {say you have two high latencies in Hog?})
?If you know of one, let me know...Could be helpful in finding best compatible groupings?

2) So easiest way to have an 'Open NAT' is to wire you xbox to your router with an Ethernet cable. (Halo 4 can only operate with one or two non-Open NATs in the party {so 2 out of 16 in BTB})

To check in game: START > SETTINGS AND FILES > NETWORK: XBOX LIVE (hit A and your network status should be displayed).
To check in Dashboard: SETTINGS > SYSTEM > NETWORK SETTINGS > 'select your connnection' > TEST XBOX LIVE CONNECTION. (if your NAT is Open you will not be notified about it, if it is not a warning will be displayed)

If that is not feasible, here are a few good articles on Halo Waypoint discussing networking. (Port Forwarding, UPnP, DMZ, ect...) ... n-NAT.aspx ... AKING.aspx

?I am not sure if you have an Open NAT whether; port forwarding, DMZ, ect., is needed or wanted. I don't know enough about networking? If you do, please chime in?

3) Clearing system cache has also been reported to help. ... stem-cache

4) A vertically mounted xbox will dissipate heat not good at all. (air intake ends up on bottom with exhaust near bottom too). Horizontally mounted will get rid of heat better, some even elevate the xbox so more air can flow underneath. Depends on how hot your hardware gets. I've even heard rumors of people externalizing their harddrive to cool better. If you've been playing all day, and are starting to get framerate problems the hardward may be getting too hot. If you get the RROD, your hardware got too hot. (In my understanding, just a gamer, not a techie)

5) Some have reported that by uninstalling disc 1 they have achieved better framerate performance (attributing it to a conflict/duplication of resources/tasks reading from laser and hdd. ... read-this/

So a few things I learned in my reading this morning:
Halo 4 does not do a systems check before picking Host. It picks Host based on a host history! I know, that's f'ed up! So even though there are plenty of regional filters before TeleMex can cross into the US, that same TeleMex account that has been pulling host 100% of the time in Mexico, will have a better Host history than the actual best Host. Therefore TeleMex or TeleFrance will pull Host, even though their traffic is getting stopped at the border and inspected, so if a test were run, they wouldn't have best Host.

Apparently 343 is the only ones who do not use dedicated servers (server side hosting). Which is why every other multiplayer worked so much better, even though the internet sucked back then.

Having client side hosting may not be such a problem if they ran a diagnostic before games, but apparently they thought it would add too much 'downtime' to the lobby, LOL!

Hope this helps.
Questions and Answers appreciated.

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