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Damage Lab

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Within the first month of the release of Halo 4, I built the Damage Lab map to allow ExO to test, experiment, and explore all the weapons, vehicles, armor abilities, and power-ups in the game. The map is compatible with many gametypes such as infinity slayer, slayer pro, CTF (Flagnum), Dominion (turrets), King of the Hill, Extraction, and Oddball (bomb). Acquire Damage Lab from my fileshare, along with the [WT BTIS, Damage Lab] gametype (unlimited ammo).

Map has 2 of everything, all on a 1-2 second spawn.

This map has allowed us to confirm or debunk some myths. It can be used to explore the best weapon to use against a ghost or other vehicles (DMR vs Light Rifle). Why you don’t use the Beam rifle against vehicles.

Use this map & forum to find answers to the many questions about the game, especially since the release of the Weapons Tuning update. Keep in mind that you must use a gametype that has the Weapons Tuning update applied. Look in my fileshare for gametypes that begin with WT (Weapons Tuning), such as [WT Capture the Flag] and [WT Dominion].

I created a Damage Discovery Chart (section after the inventory of maps, past half-way down the board) on the Halo 4 Inventory board (Strategies/Halo 4 on the main site menu). It provides the facts as to how many shots with weapon vs vehicle, vehicle vs vehicle, and weapon vs Spartan.
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