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BTB Map Inventory

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Basin (Valhalla)

Slayer & Strongholds

Each Base

Rocket Hog (60s)
Ghost (30s)
Gungoose (30s)
Plasma Pistol (90s after despawn) on cliff on camo side of base
Shotgun (90s after despawn) at bottom of large rock in front of each base
Hydra (120s after despawn) on Incin side of base.
Needler (45s after respawn) on hydra trail.
All Grenades (30s after pickup)
Base: Frag x2, Splinter x2 (on top of base Frag on incin side Splinter on camo side)
Tower: Frag x4 (set on each balcony facing bases)
Plasma x2 (on balcony facing incin)
DMR (20s after pickup) top of base
BR (20s after pickup) top of each tower ramp
SMG (20s after pickup) middle of tower and bottom of each base at rear tunnel
All nades (30s after pickup)

Camo (120s after pickup) tunnnel side, behind top mid.
Incineration Cannon every 2nd minute on the minute. [16, 14, 12, etc.]
Sniper every 2nd minute on the minute. [16, 14, 12, 10, etc.]


Same as above except Sniper spawns every 3rd minute on the minute (16, 13, 10, 7, 4, 1)

Deadlock (Standoff)

Slayer and CTF

Chain Hog (60s)
Ghost (60s)
Gungoose (60s) top of base next to .50 CAL
Shotgun (90s after despawn) Center room of base on counter
Needler (30s after despawn)
Hydra (60s ater despawn) behind base above rear tunnel
Plasma Pistol (90s) exit of side tunnel
All Grenades (30s after pick up)
. Base: Plasma x2 Round Room of base, Frag x4 Center Room Door
BR (30s after pickup) entrance of side tunnel
DMR (30s after pickup) Flag Room and next to .50 CAL
SMG (20s after pickup) Round Room and flag tunnel

Camo (120s after pickup) on Hill
Railgun every 3rd minute on the minute (16, 13, 10, etc.) Right of red base, left of blue base
Spartan Laser every 3rd minute on the minute (16, 13, 10, etc) mid
Rockets every 3rd minute on the minute (16, 13, 10, etc.) Left of red base, right of blue base


Same as above except, no laser in the middle.

Guillotine (Headlong)

Slayer and Strongholds

Mantis (180s) front of Laser Tower, under bridge.
Banshee (180s) spawns at yellow door
Ghost (60s) behind construction tower and side of Cinema.
DMR (20s after pickup) Balcony of Red Tower, Left of Mantis, bellow Sniper
BR (20s after pickup) 2nd level of Red Tower, at the top of rear lift at red base, camo room, top floor of blue near snipe
SMG (20s after pickup) top floor of Blue base and in hallway on bottom floor of laser tower
Light Rifle (60s after pickup) railing in camo room and top floor of laser tower
Shotgun (90s after despawn) in Blue base on ramp
Needler (90s after despawn) on hanging road section
Plasma Pistol (90s after despawn) bottom of lift next to banshee
All nades (30s) plasma x2 next to DMR below sniper
plasma x2 next to br at top of rear lift
Turret (90s after despawn)
Camo (120s after pickup) Spawns at Cargo
Sniper at old sniper spawn. Every 2nd minute on the minute. [16, 14, 12, etc.]
Rocket Launcher at old Beam spawn. Every 2nd minute on the minute. [16, 14, 12, etc.]
Laser at old Brute Shot. Every 3rd minute on the minute. [16, 13, 10, 7, 4, 1.]


Cargo and Blue base strongholds are right next to each other and it is suggested that both of these are held. Tower 1 is just too far away from the other strongholds to try to hold that one and one of the others.

Recurve (Longbow)

Slayer, Strongholds, & CTF

Chaingun Warthog (90s)
Ghost (60s)
Gungoose (60s)
Tank (180s) neutral spawn in mid
Carbine (20s after pickup) left side of base
BR (20s aftert pickup) Center of Base and on tower next to bridge
SMG (20s after pickup) path down to bottom mid
Suppressor (20s after pickup) on ground next to bridge towers
Boltshot (20s after pickup) x2 at top mid next to lift
Shotgun (10s after despawn) Below Top Mid
Needler (15s after despawn) middle of bridge
Plasma Pistol (10s after despawn) Right of base
All Nades (30s) Plasma x2 next to shotgun, splinter x1 top mid, splinter x1 at splinter turret
Rocket Turret (90s)
Splinter Turret (90s)

Laser every 2nd minute on the minute. [16, 14, 12, 10, etc.] Bottom mid.
Sniper every 3rd minute. [16, 13, 10, etc.] Top mid.
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