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Gaming Screens and Input Lag

Posted: June 25th, 2014, 2:28 pm -07
by Kosmikkilla 303
Well, since I'm currently not hardwired in to the Net....
I've been looking at TVs and asking some questions of the Internet.
Here is what I've found.

The only way to ELIMINATE input lag, is to go old school CRT (purely analog) TV...But then my XB1 won't work without an adapter? Yes, this is true....But as you add up your lag sources, this won't be one of them...

So on to digital. If your TV has a 'gaming mode', try it out (usually meant to reduce some of those extra features that adds to lag). Seems there has been a general consensus from my reading that under one frame, or ~35ms, constitutes acceptable lag for a digital TV.

However, MLG and other tryhards seem to play on Computer monitors. ASUS VH236H being popular , or BenQ has the MLG sponsorship now. Monitors can be found with refresh rates of 1 or 2 ms...And input lag avgs of 10 ms (range in test was 3-20ms), so still under most TVs.

So from what I understand 'ghosting' is a problem associated with 'refresh rate'.
And 'input lag' is a lag problem generally not noticed with movies, film or even single player...But really compounds with all the other sources of latency and demands of multiplayer.

For the XB1, which they claim will be pushing out the 60 frames per second, instead of standard 30, having a native 60 hz rating will be important. Most TVs nowadays are, even if they say 120hz/240hz that is usually a software thing and screws up gaming, besides the screen can only truly show the frames it is given, so don't need more than 60.

Never fear there are still some great options for all of us who love our big screens. The Plasma versus LCD question I don't think will ever be answered, but anyone's experiences are welcomed.

Surprise, surprise the cheapo LEDs don't make the list. (Maybe they don't test the Sanyo, but after playing on one for two years...I'm not sure it would make the list or not...Probably not though, as it doesn't even have a 'Gaming Mode'.) ... rence.html ... us-gamers/ ... cleContent

Re: Gaming Screens and Input Lag

Posted: June 25th, 2014, 2:45 pm -07
by Kosmikkilla 303
Well it seems that Plasma and CRT are both phosphor-based, thus making Plasma the cousin to CRT (since they stopped making them, mostly).
Well, that is what I gathered from a little more reading.

But a monitor is going to be cheaper than a plasma.

Re: Gaming Screens and Input Lag

Posted: June 26th, 2014, 4:23 pm -07
by Kosmikkilla 303
The Campaigns on the XB1 have been pretty epic, I think the 60fps is making a difference.

"When the computation of a frame consumes more time than intended, the frame rate decreases. This instability causes stuttering and screen tearing."

Servers are in air-conditioned rooms, most peoples Xbox is crammed into a shelf next to their other electrical (heat producing) appliances. I'm guessing the 360 was never meant to 'serve' a game in the first place, and probably at the root of a lot of the frame rate problems (but that can also be a host upload bandwidth issue, too {having to queue the packets}). Most noticeable when you've been playing your Xbox all day and it starts stuttering.

Some people have re-applied thermal paste to their cpu heatsink stating that helped. I think I got the XB1 to overheat after a solid day of campaign carnage.

Some other interesting reads about Frame Rates. ... 2861171558