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2016-12-10 vs The Prescription

Posted: January 8th, 2017, 3:30 pm GMT+7
by ExO Mandrake
Dec 10, 2016 vs The Prescription
They chose Red Color for the match.
Best of 5 Series. ExO 1 - Pre 0.

Game 1 no problems, however Game 2 DidntScopeMyGun lagged out within the first 2 minutes of the game. We made 3 restarts of the game before moving on to choose another map, thinking that changing the map would help. We loaded Strongholds Guillotine and once again he lagged out. They did not have an available player to replace him. We agreed to reschedule and resume where we left off. ExO up 1-0, their pick for game 2.

Game 1 (ExO pick): CTF - Viking | Win 1-0.

ExO 1 - Prescription 0
Their Pick Game 2

  • SNPR: Archangel990
  • AST1: Genesis Rider
  • AST2: Ki11abee
  • RFL1: Darryy
  • RFL2: Mikes Aftermath
  • HOG1: dopesoIja
  • HOG2: iTs Heavies