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About ExO Delta Summer Tournament 2016

ExO Delta Halo 5 2v2 Summer Tournament 2016

Tourney Bracket

ExO Delta Gaming will be holding a members only Halo 5 2v2 Tournament in the late summer of 2016. Several details are still being worked out, however here is what we are working on:

Tournament Dates

Games will be played August 26-27, starting Friday, 9pm ET, and Saturday night, starting 8pm ET.

Tournament Details

There will be 8 teams of 2 players, traditional double-elimination bracket, all best of 3 series. Winners bracket finalist will need to win 1 best of 3 series, while the Losers bracket finalist will need to win 2 best of 3 series.

There will be an online bracket to follow once all teams and players have been signed up.


To be determined. Login to our forum, visit the ExO General Clan Discussion, ExO Summer Tourney 2016: Prizes to discuss.


The following gametypes will be used:

  • 2v2 Slayer
    • Score to win: 25
    • Time Limit: 12 mins.
  • 2v2 CTF
    • Score to win: 3
    • Time Limit: 12 mins.
  • 2v2 Oddball
    • Score to win: 150
    • Time Limit: 12 mins.

Other Settings:
Primary weapon: Pistol.
Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle.
Grenades: x2 Frag.
Respawn Time: 8 seconds.

These gametypes can be found in the Game Variants fileshare of ExO Mandrake, or browse the in-game (Halo 5) Roster for ExO Mandrake, File Browser, Game Variants, Files.


There is a large pool of original Halo 5 Arena maps to select from. Login to our forum, visit the ExO General Clan Discussion, ExO Summer Tourney 2016: Maps to discuss map selection.

Current list of gametype and map options:

  • Slayer: Eden, Plaza, Torque.
  • Oddball: Empire, The Rig, Stasis.
  • CTF: Coliseum, Fathom, Truth.

Find these maps in the Map Variants fileshare of ExO Mandrake, or browse the in-game (Halo 5) Roster for ExO Mandrake, File Browser, Map Variants, Files:

  • 2v2 Coliseum
  • 2v2 Eden
  • 2v2 Empire
  • 2v2 Fathom
  • 2v2 Pegasus
  • 2v2 Plaza
  • 2v2 Stasis
  • 2v2 The Rig
  • 2v2 Torque
  • 2v2 Truth

The maps were edited in order to reduce the amount of ammo that comes with all the power weapons to half the existing amount found in 4v4 Arena. Example: Rocket Launcher from 4 rockets to 2.

Team Creation Details

Pick a member in the clan and create a team name of 15 characters or less. Ensure the team name does not violate our Code of Conduct. Use common sense, do not select a name that is offensive, inappropriate, or contain profanity.

Notify ExO Mandrake thru XBL with your choice of team name and partner.

The Current list of players/team that have signed up. Seeding will occur when all 8 teams have been created:

Total: 16
Gamertag KD
Avg Kills
per Game
Morbid J 2.5938 3.0806 41.03% 72.13% 18.37 6.99
Archangel Ultra 2.2267 3.0814 52.53% 87.02% 17.94 6.883
iSniperProof 2.1766 2.9148 44.5% 81.48% 16.72 6.518
iMeLLoZz 1.7758 2.5390 43.48% 82.64% 15.51 5.731
BTB Bill 1.7859 2.3572 47.41% 85.9% 17.9 5.655
Darryy 1.6668 2.2870 43.2% 84.87% 13.18 5.366
l3ackdraft 1.5192 2.1902 47.12% 82.43% 17.9 5.184
Karnivool 1.5014 2.1848 47.93% 86.13% 15.43 5.181
ExO LD50 1.4809 2.2229 43.38% 85.21% 13.52 5.125
ExO BIGG 1.5186 2.2133 42.15% 79.68% 15.09 5.101
ExO Seraphim 1.5794 2.0553 45.66% 84.56% 14.61 5.083
M1sta Potato 1.4436 2.1506 47.33% 84.71% 15.05 5.065
Ki11abee 1.4784 2.0994 41.86% 84.09% 15.1 4.988
iTs Heavies 1.4565 1.9290 39.59% 82.4% 16.03 4.766
MR B0ND 007 1.2748 1.8708 37.57% 80.82% 11.9 4.449
COACH E 1980 1.1963 2.0169 31.1% 79.45% 12.42 4.443
Total: 8
Team Name Team Players Seed Team
A-Team iSniperProof Morbid J 1 13.508
BIGG SPUD M1sta Potato ExO BIGG 6 10.166
Bill Bixby BTB Bill iTs Heavies 5 10.421
Blue Ballers Karnivool Darryy 4 10.547
HarambeForPres Archangel Ultra ExO Seraphim 2 11.966
ki11aBOND Ki11abee MR B0ND 007 8 9.437
MikEloze iMeLLoZz l3ackdraft 3 10.915
Preparation H COACH E 1980 ExO LD50 7 9.568

Bracket Seeding

The formula crafted for seeding is based on the following skilled attributes: KD, KDA, average kills per game, shot accuracy, and headshot accuracy. The data will be pulled from Arena which includes a lot of playlists such as BTB, SWAT, Team Arena, etc. Add these attributes together and it will produce a skill value. Add the values of the 2 players on a team and sort it from highest to lowest of all 8 teams to get a seed of 1-8.

Match Details

Follow the bracket to know when games are scheduled, what map & gametype to select, and team colors. Games are to start no later than 10 minutes of the scheduled start time or a forfeit will be imposed.

  • The Lowest seeded team is always Blue Team, the highest seeded team is always Red Team.
  • Blue Team will host the game. This means, Blue Team needs to be prompt and already have the map and gametype selected and ready to launch. At game time, send invites to the Red Team.
  • Prevent unwanted join-in-progress, set the lobby to invite only.
  • Red Team is to go to Game Chat for the game.
  • At the conclusion of each game, have a player on Blue team report back to Mandrake or Karnivool when a game is over and, if the series is over. The score of each game will appear on the bracket.
  • Review the Clan Battle Check List for guidelines on ensuring there are not any network issues.