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ExO Delta Gaming, It's all about the "W"!

ExO Delta is a skill-based Halo 5 clan dedicated to playing Big Team Battle (BTB) in Halo 5: Guardians. ExO (Elite Ops) is an active Halo clan which has lots of fun, however we are serious about our gameplay and take our gaming to a high level. We participate in clan matches, community tournaments, team practices, strategy development sessions, fun custom games, create video montages, stream live games, and much more.

Be sure to check out our Halo API Stats section. Loaded with statistics for BTB, Arena, and Warzone.

If you are tired of getting matched up with randoms or poorly skilled players, this could be for you! We are currently accepting new recruits who can meet the following requirements:
  • Follow instructions.
  • Use the mic for good call-outs, communicate vital information during game play, and NOT babble, belly-ache, or complain.
  • Be a Team Player, cooperate with and respect your teammates.
  • Support the primary objective of winning the game, especially if it means sacrificing personal initiatives such as K/D, sprees, challenges, etc.
  • MUST have a positive K/D. Overall in matchmaking, you need to have more kills than deaths.
Benefits of membership:
  • Better availability of players online wanting to play Halo BTB.
  • Seats in ExO parties are reserved for members.
  • ExO members are friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and informative. Members are driven to the continued improvement of the clan by collaborating on strategies, tactics, or skilled methods with other members.
  • ExO members have exclusive access to additional content and features on our website that's not available to the public.

ExO Delta currently has 79 active members. To become a member, a player will need to go through our recruitment process, which includes numerous Halo BTB games with members of the clan. Advancement is available for those who qualify.

Become part of the brotherhood. Join ExO Delta! Contact us to get started.

Halo 5 Stats

Ener a gamertag to explore BTB, Arena, or Warzone statistics based on the Halo API. Visit the full range of features on our Halo 5 Stats section.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

ExO 1v1 Tournament

Farewell to Winter and welcome in Spring. The ExO 1v1 Spring Tournament 2018 will begin Monday, March 19.

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